Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Concord Fire & Life Safety Recruit Class 16-6 Graduation

Click Here for all of the Photos The Concord Department of Fire & Life Safety held the Graduation
for Recruit Class 16-6 on Saturday June 26th, 2010
at Crossroads United Methodist Church.

The fourteen Recruits have been working since December 27th, 2009 to become Concord Firefighters. Two awards were given and the Two leaders of the Class Chief Roger Cline and Chief James Isenhour were presented Plaques from the class for their service and dedication to the class. Chief Greg Grayson of the Greensboro Fire Department was the Keynote speaker. Chiefs Isenhour and Cline presented the recruits with their badges while family members pinned them. Their shift and station assignments were also given.

Chief of Department Holloway gave comments and then charged them with the Department Code of Ethics and conducted the Swearing in of the Firefighters.
The students of the Concord High School Fire Academy were invited as well as Chief Barlow who attended. Chief Barlow presented the Recruits and their families with copies of the book
"Psalm 91" by Peggy Royce Ruth.
These books have been made available through the generous contribution of

Honoring and Protecting America's Protectors
Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military
Click the Logo for the Operation Safety 91 Blog

Blue Ridge Parkway End to End Cycling Tour

Immediately after Graduation, Chief Barlow packed up his equipment and headed for Shenandoah National Park in Northern Virginia.

On Monday morning he directed and led a 469 mile
End to End Cycling Tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Click HERE for more information on the Cycling Tour
from Shenandoah National Park
to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Concord HS Graduation 2010

Returning from Graduation
Right after the National Anthem has finished.
Click this Link for the Video of the 2010 Concord High School Graduation. The Presentation of the Colors begins around the 6 minute mark.

Just before the Seniors began their walk.
Waiting for the Seniors
Finally ready after a semester of preparation for the big moment.

Josh's ride to Graduation
The start of a new Tradition at CHS
Graduating Fire Academy Seniors riding to Graduation in Fire Apparatus .

Notice the New Uniform Caps for the CHSFA Honor Guard.

Josh Elliott's Senior Project Blog


Chief Barlow’s Search and Rescue Dog "Nomex” Visits CHSFA

During the first of our "meaningful instructional" days required of all students after Exams were given, Chief Barlow brought his Search and Rescue Dog "Nomex" to class to visit the CHSFA.

"Nomex" is a Black Dalmation (Black with White Spots) and is the only one of eleven puppies in her litter to have this unique coloration. "Nomex" is an Air Scent Search Dog and is extremely friendly.

Nomex had a roommate named "Herbie" who was a Collapse Structure Rescue Dog.

"Herbie's" Website is called

Herbie passed away from a Heart Defect 2 years ago.
There are lots of Great Links on this website
if you are interested in researching or training Rescue Dogs.

Push Ups are Good for the Brain - Especially Square Push Ups

Even our Battalion 2 Female Recruits can do square pushups -
They are on the back of the square
Click Here for all of the Photos

Battalion 2 Recruits are practicing for their role next year as leaders in the Physical Training Activities that will begin early for the PT portion of the CHS Fire Academy.

CHS Fire Academy Photos - Whole Academy, Battalion Pictures, and Senior Pictures

Click the Patch below
to see a Gallery of Photos of Reserve Engine 3
The 1973 American LaFrance Triple Combination Pumper - Hose Wagon that is to be on loan to CHSFA during the upcoming school year.

Concord Fire Department Honor Guard works with CHSFA Honor Guard

On Friday, May 28th, 2010 Captain Ed Shaver of the Concord Fire Department Honor Guard worked with the CHSFA Honor Guard in preparation for the 2010 Concord High School Graduation program.

Thanks go to the Concord Fire and Life Safety for the loan of the Flag Straps for Graduation.

Chief Allen Speaks with CHS Fire Academy Seniors about a Career in the Fire Service as well as the CFLS Reserve Program

On Thursday May 27th, Chief Ray Allen came to the Concord HS Fire Academy and spoke with the 2010 CHSFA Senior Class about "How To Get The Badge" and more specifically - How to become a Firefighter with the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety.

Check the Concord Fire & Life Safety Recruitment Page for all of the details.
Chief Allen invited the Seniors to attend the Career Day that is to be held on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at Station 3 as well as the Recruit Class 16-6 Graduation to be held on Saturday, June 26th at Crossroads Methodist Church at 3pm.
Chief Allen also spoke about the Reserve Program and it is now in place.
Contact Chief Allen directly ASAP if you are a graduated Senior and are interested in finding out more about the Reserve Program.

Ray Allen, Deputy Chief - Operations
(704) 920-5536

not needed until after 7/31/2010
This is a typeable Form and you can save and Email it directly

Hose Streams and Appliances


Fire Engineering has a couple of Great Fire Control articles on how to choose the correct size Hand Line for the fire. The titles of the articles are:
Click the title to read the article of your choice.

Fire Control - Hose Line AdvancementVideos

Foam Fire Streams

Water Supply

Chief Preddy of Coldwater Fire Department explains Tanker Operations and shows off Coldwaters Tanker
Tyler wants to know why it always takes 4 people to watch/supervise
and one person to do the work.

Hurry Shannon, Hurry - Its Burning!
Shannon Catches a Hydrant
Water Supplies II Practicals are included in WS I

The largest and most complete resource on the Internet for information on Fire Hydrants

(Note to Self: Use downloads from Ford Hard Drive)
Squirrel Tails and other Creative Equipment
Good General Water Supply Information for all