Thursday, May 20, 2010

All of the New CHS Fire Academy Fire Helmets and Shields have arrived

Leather Shield on the N6A Sam Houston Helmet
New Shield on the 1044
Our 12 new MSA Cairns Helmets and CHS Fire Academy Shields

All 12 of our New MSA Cairns Fire Helmets and Shields have arrived. The CHS Fire Academy is now proud to use our 2 - N6A Sam Houston Leather Fire Helmets, 1 - N5A New Yorker Leather Fire Helmet and 9 - 1044 Cairns Fire Helmets - 6 of which have the Defender Goggle System.

We will really enjoy the use of these beautiful helmets and custom shields with the Fire Academy.
Many Thanks to Mr. Ben Mauti and the fine folks at MSA CAIRNS for their wonderful donation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

US Air Force Raptor Chopper visits Concord High School

USAF F-22 Raptor Chopper by OCC
Our local USAF Recruiter, Staff Seargent Veronica Black
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On Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 Concord High School was visited by the USAF Raptor Chopper that was built by the Teutul family of Orange County Choppers in Orange County New York.
The Raptor Chopper was built to resemble the
which is the most advanced jet in the air.
The bike began as a collaboration between the US Air Force and the guys at Orange County Choppers and was unveiled at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2005. Just 5 years old at the time of the visit to Concord High School, the Chopper was built in May of 2005 and took the OCC team 40 days to build. It boasts 150 Horsepower and a design strikingly similar to the F-22 Raptor and is the perfect example of what can be built with the creative engineering and technology of the US Air Force.
Many Thanks to our local USAF Recruiter
Staff Seargent Veronica Black
for her efforts to bring this beautiful work of craftsmanship and engineering to our campus.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ms. Amanda Butler - Fire & Life Safety Educator speaks to CHS Fire Academy Battalion II

On Thursday May 13th, 2010 Ms. Amanda Butler spoke to the CHS Fire Academy students in the second Battalion class about her job as a Fire & Life Safety Educator. She spoke about many of the things that she works with including: The Cabarrus County Fire and Life Safety Bowl, School visits, Safe Kids, the Car Seat Program, Bicycle Rodeos, and the Fire Safety Fair that is held each year near Fire Prevention Week at Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety. During her visit we had the opportunity to share information about different programs for young students that are available and the different grade levels that each was geared toward. Students received arm bands and Oven Rack Jockeys. The CHS Fire Academy was given a copy of the NFPA Learn Not To Burn Preschool Program book for our Class Library.
Many Thanks Ms. Butler for giving your time to speak with our class and for your support.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CHS Fire Academy HONOR GUARD Fundraiser Kickoff

I hope you Love Smoked Meat Snacks in 14 different flavors!

The CHS Fire Academy is launching its first Fundraising efforts to purchase equipment for the HONOR GUARD for use at this years Graduation Ceremony.

The list includes: Flag Straps, White Gloves, Dress Uniform Caps with scrambles and silver snake bands, and Collar Brass.

To assist these efforts, please see any Fire Academy Recruit and purchase as many of these wonderful protein Snacks as possible.
Each of the 14 different flavors is only $1.


Sweet BBQ
Sweet Annie Brown
Sweet Maple Bacon
Country Delight
Hot Cajun
Smokehouse Grill
Orange Mandy
Old #9
Pepper Joe Taco
Hickory Jerky
Teriyaki Jerky

CHS Fire Academy HONOR GUARD Presents the Colors at the Concord High School Career and Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The CHS Fire Academy HONOR GUARD presented the colors at the Career and Technical Honor Society induction ceremony on Thursday evening May 6th, 2010.

Thanks to Honor Guard members
Kyle Franklin, Izair Tucker, Austin Riley, and Taylor Beverly
for a job well done.
Chief Barlow

CHS Fire Academy is visited by a Nurse and Nursing Instructor from the NC Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill

Mr. Derek Miller RN, BSN
NC Jaycee Burn Center UNC Hospitals Chapel Hill, NC

On Thursday, May 6th, 2010, both Battalions of the CHS Fire Academy were visited by Mr. Derek Miller, a Nurse from the NC Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill, NC.
The focus of Mr. Miller's program was what we as Firefighters need to know about Burn Injuries to our patients, to ourselves, and the nature of Burns and their treatment protocols, The ABC's of Burn Treatment as well as the D, E, and F, and about the tremendous impact and toll that recovering from burns places on the imdividual. The recruits were treated as if they were EMT's receiving detailed instruction on Burns and burn treatment almost as if they were getting ready to be assigned a truck (EMS Unit) tomorrow and begin work. Extremely valuable instruction that showed that Firefighters are not immune from these injuries.
Mr. Derek Miller is a very close personal friend of Chief Barlow's and has traveled all over the North American Continent with him. Mr. Miller was also one of the individuals that assisted by providing support for Chief Barlow's End to End Backpacking Trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall of 2008.

Click HERE to read a bit more about this amazing individual or HERE to read Chief Barlow's Backpacking The Blue Ridge Parkway Blog.

Battalion 2 is visited by Fire and Life Safety Educator Maria Bostian and Cabarrus County Fire Marshal Doug Steele

On Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 the CHS Second Battalion was treated to a wonderful Fire and Life Safety Education Awareness session by Mrs. Maria Bostian who works for Kannapolis Fire Department. She explained the roles and responsibilities of her job and what some of her methods are that she uses to reach young people of many ages. She also explained that there is a lack of educational outreach to students beyond the age of about 12 and a lack of outreach to seniors. One of her quotes of note is that "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure". She also shared a number of her giveaway items with Battalion 2. Her topics covered were Fire Prevention and Fire Education.

Cabarrus County Fire Marshal Doug Steele shared with the students a great deal about Fire Cause Determination and how to preserve evidence at the fire scene. He spoke about different methods that are used to determine if fires are deliberately set as well as provided statistics about arson and the Juvenille Firesetters program.

Many Thanks to both for great information to assist our understanding of these often overlooked yet extremely important facets of the overall role of the fire service in the community.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CHS Fire Academy is Recognized by Former NC State School Superintendant and current Congressman of the NC 2nd District

US Representative Bob Etheridge
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The Honorable Bob Etheridge became the NC State School Superintendant the year after Chief Barlow was a Regional Teacher of the Year for the State of North Carolina. Chief Barlow worked with the NC Teaching Fellows Program and worked closely with Mr. Etheridge in his role as a Co - Director of the Discovery Program for a number of years (14 years).
Chief Barlow has also continuously offered Junior Enrichment Programs for the NC Teaching Fellows since 1996 as well.
The Website for his continued involvement with the NC Teaching Fellows Program is:

Apparently Representative Ethridge learned about the Concord High School Fire Academy from the Office of the State Fire Marshal or possibly the NC State Firemen's Association. Representative Etheridge has a proven track record of representing "Hometown Heroes" exceptionally well and continues to be well informed about anything newsworthy that is happening statewide in the Fire, Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement arenas.

and do a search for Hometown Heroes or check out his stand on the
to see just how supportive of Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement.
Thanks Representative Etheridge for recognizing our program at Concord High School and the letter of support.
It will be posted on the wall of the Concord High School Fire Academy.
Chief Barlow

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Cheezing at the escape window
Leading Charles Oops! I mean "Embers"
My Buddy!!
My other Buddy!!
Morning Briefing from Ms. Amanda Butler
Group Picture before we depart for the return to school

Thursday April 28th, 2010 the CHS Fire Academy traveled to the Cabarrus Arena to assist with Special Olympics. We were to assist with the Concord Fire and Life Safety Fire Safety House and learn the role that Fire and Life Safety Educators play with both young and more seasoned people. We also had several students dress up as "Embers" the Fire Safety Pup.

A Great time was had by all!!
Chief Barlow


On Wednesday, April 27th, 2010 Chief Barlow assisted with the North Carolina State Fire and Life Safety Bowl. The event was held at Hopewell High School in Huntersville, NC.

The first place team was Mountain Island Elementary School.
Congratulations, State Champion Fire Bowl Team!!

Click the Photo for more pictures from the State Competition

The MIE Fire Bowl team took 1st place in the state championship for the Fire & Life Safety Bowl held on April 27. They won their final match 20-3! The team was coached by second grade teacher, Ms. Jugis.
A total of 14 teams competed, answering questions about fire prevention as well as other safety-related questions. Woodland Heights faced Mountain Island, from Mecklenburg County, in the first round and lost 19-11. Both Scotts and American Renaissance advanced to the second round with Scotts defeating Tri-City Christian School of Conover, 16-9. ARCS defeated Annunciation School from Craven County, 17-9. In the second round, Scotts narrowly lost to Paw Creek Elementary, 14-13 on a tie-breaker. ARCS defeated Bain Elementary from Mint Hill, 15-9 in the second round. The ACRS team lost in the third round, 14-13 to Paw Creek. American Renaissance then faced off against Mountain View Elementary from Catawba County to determine the third-place finish. The ARCS team defeated Mountain View, 15-11.Mountain Island ultimately won the state trophy, defeating Paw Creek 20-3. Mooresville Fire Marshal Gary Styers offered congratulations to all of the 14 teams. "These folks have worked very, very hard," he said. Angie Gregg of the N.C. Office of the State Fire Marshal also commended the participants on the dedication it took to learn the material and advance to the state level. "You have sacrificed a lot to learn about safety," she said.
"What you've learned may one day save a life."

Battalion 1 - Water Supplies Battalion 2 - Fire Prev. Edu. and Cause


Volunteer Breakfast at Concord High School

Thursday, April 22, 2010 Concord High School held a Volunteer Breakfast for all of the Volunteers that had assisted with the school during the past year. One of the highlights of the breakfast was the presentation of a plaque to the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety by Ms. Lisa Conger, Director of the Cabarrus County Schools Career and Technical Education program. Chief of Operations, Ray Allen was present and accepted the award on behalf of all of the Concord Fire and Life Safety personnel that have contributed so much to the Fire Academy program over the past year.
The list is hopefully complete. Many Thanks for all that these fine folks have done for the program.
Chief Holloway
Chief Ray Allen
Chief Isenhour
Chief Roger Cline
Captain John Eury
Don Ward
Captain Todd Jones
Lester Cragan
Josh Simpson
Don Ward
Renee' Lutz
Warren Hatley

Thanks to All!
Chief Barlow

Joel Leonard - "The Maintenance Evangelist"

Skill TV Website and Mr. Joel Leonard the "Maintenance Evangelist"
The "Big Picture"
The CHS Fire Academy listens to Chief Barlow's former student.

On April 13th, 2010 Mr. Joel Leonard the "Maintenance Evangelist" of Skill came to the CHS Fire Academy to speak with the students about the Maintenance Crisis in America and to let them Think Outside of the Box about possibilities for different careers in the future.
Mr. Leonard is an engineer and speaks about the Maintenance Crisis all over the world. During the month of May he will be speaking in Houston, Texas, Verona, Italy, and Dubai, Saudi Arabia and later in Adelaide, Australia.
Mr. Leonard operates a website called and on it he also has Skills Radio and is known around the piedmont of NC for his famous "Joel Burger". He graduated from Lexington High School in 1982. Prior to that, Mr. Leonard was a student in Chief Barlow's Earth Science class in 1978 at Lexington Junior High School.
Last week Joel Leonard spoke on National Public Radio - NPR about his
Concord High School Fire Academy visit.
The audio clip has several items on it and
the piece about the CHS Fire Academy is at the 6:20 minute mark.
Click the npr logo to listen to the Clip.