Monday, July 29, 2013

North Carolina State CTE Conference 2013

This past week Chief Barlow attended the NC State CTE Conference
and presented two sessions.
The first was titled:
How I Teach Public Safety I 
and the Second was 
How to Create a Public Safety Academy in your School
The sessions were very well attended.
Thanks to all that came out and shared.

At the OSFM update session we learned that during the
2012-2013 school year there were 10 HS Fire Academies
and during the
2013-14 school year
there will be 25 HS Fire Academies across the state of NC.
It looks as if there may be as many as 50 within 5 years statewide.  

At the Trade and Industry Division meeting
Chief Barlow was presented with the
This means that Chief Barlow will be going through a
Portfolio evaluation process this year to compete for the
North Carolina CTE Teacher of the Year for next year. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Skills USA National Conference 2013 in Kansas City, MO

The Skills USA National Leadership Conference in Kansas City, MO 
was held during the week of June 24-June 28, 2013. 

The Concord High School Fire Academy had 2 recruits competing representing North Carolina. 
Charlie Groce - Secondary, and Jacob Whitley Post Secondary. 
Jacob Whitley placed 7th in the Nation
Charlie Groce placed 15th in the Nation.

Skills USA National Website
will have all the individual Results
Posted Soon

One of the competitors in Post Secondary
Melissa Cracknell from Beaumont Texas has a News article Here

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tyler Untz completes his First Live Burn with Concord Fire and Life Safety

Luke Barnhardt, Tyler Untz and the Burn Instructor - Mark Gauss

Saturday June 22, 2013 Battalion Chief Tyler Untz
of the Concord High School Fire Academy
was able to complete his first Live Burn Fire Training exercise. 

The house was a Baloon Frame Constructed home 
with a basement and a Shotgun type layout


There are 11 videos at the end 

How To Prepare for the CPAT

All Eight events including the 3 Minute and 20 Second Stair Climb
must be completed in 10 Minutes and 20 Seconds or less.
Hose Drag
Equipment Carry
Ladder Raise
Breech and Break
Crawl through Dark Maze
Mannequin Drag
Ceiling Breech - Pull

This entry is to assist our Recruits that may wish to take the CPAT
or Civilian Physical Agility Test
to qualify for a full time position in a Career Fire Department.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Assistant Chief Amber Cline's First Live Burn

What do you get with two Assistant Chief's?   A house on the Ground!
Chief Jimmy and the Fire Academy Crew

At the Door Ready To Go!
First Run - Not Too Hot
 Cooling Down

Tabbi "Pothole" had to be there for moral support

Assistant Chief Amber Cline gets her first taste of Fighting Live Fire with her first Live Burn on Tuesday night June 4th, 2013.  Amber was able to complete her training with a good number of her "Brothers" that graduated from the Fire Academy last year and one of her "Best Buddies" former Assistant Chief Tabbi "Pothole" Beck.

After getting a good number of burns from the house, Allen Fire - Rescue let the house go.  Then the cleanup began.  Starting at 6 pm the tired recruits and firefighters left the station at around 2 am. 

Cabarrus County Foam Trailer 2013

The Cabarrus County Foam Trailer housed at Midland Fire - Rescue was brought to the Concord HS Fire Academy on Friday May 31st for a demonstration of its capabilities and to assist the recruits with an understanding of the capabilities of Firefighting Foam.  

Advanced Studies in Fire Department Operations Portfolio Presentations

Discussing the contents of the Portfolios
In this case, vendor material from the NC Association of Fire Chief's Midwinter Conference.

Portfolios and the Tabletop Simulator

Explaining the use of the Tabletop Simulator

Student Assistant Chief Amber Cline and Battalion Chief Tyler Untz finished up their class in Advanced Studies in Fire Department Operations by presenting their Portfolios and coursework to a review panel for the purpose of completing their Final Exam.  The review panel consisted of Shirley Phifer of the Cabarrus County Schools Central Office and Ray Allen - Deputy Chief of Operations for Concord Fire and Life Safety.  

In addition to the Portfolios, these two recruits designed and built a Tabletop Simulator for use with Communications, Command, Tactical Scenarios, Fire Control Scenarios and more...

Very Impressive!

 The Logs of Hours and actual Calls for Service completed by these two recruits was Outstanding.
 Asst. Chief Amber Cline is a Volunteer Firefighter with Allen Fire - Rescue
Battalion Chief Untz is a Volunteer Firefighter with Odell Fire - Rescue.

This class required that the recruits read Chief Rick Lasky's book "Pride and Ownership" and that a PowerPoint be produced that could be shared with future classes in the Fire Academy.  This PowerPoint was to showcase what the book was about and what the Pride and Ownership concept was all about.  A number of Operational and Tactical Firefighting articles were also read and summarized as well as a good number of Videos produced by Blue Card Command - Alan Brunacini.  
These two recruits also had to complete their OSFM  44 hour Haz Mat Awareness and Operations Class.

A log of Training Hours, Calls Run, and shifts worked at their respective stations was also part of the Advanced Studies Package.  Nearly 1000 hours of training, and shift work were completed by these recruits as well as 38 calls for service.  
In addition, these two students assisted with instruction with the Fire Technology I class.  

A Super Job by two very dedicated Recruits.  

CHS Fire Academy Awards Night 2013

The Auditorium set up for the event
 Chief Roger Cline delivers the Keynote Address

Chief Tracy Love of the CHS EMT Academy also participated
The Concord High School Fire Academy held its 3rd Annual Fire Academy Awards Night on Tuesday May 28th 2013.  Attendance was good and we had members from our Partner Agency in attendance as well.  

Concord Fire and Life Safety Graduates Recruit Class 19-8

Friday May 24th Concord Fire and Life Safety Graduated Recruit Class 19-8.  
Great Job Guys!  Stay Safe and Welcome to the Brotherhood.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Skills USA State Leadership Conference April 24-26, 2013

A successful Conference
We are taking Secondary and Post Secondary to National Competition in Kansas City, MO

Watch the Skills USA North Carolina State Conference Opening and Closing Sessions
by clicking on the Skills USA NC Logo.

The opening ceremony will be broadcast live at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, April 24th and the closing ceremony will be broadcast at 9:00 am on Friday, April 26th.  

The Concord High School Fire Academy has 8 Recruits attending and representing our County and School in the Firefighting Competition.
The Recruits are:

Brandon Canavan
Charlie Groce
Khris Hayes
Jonathan Molosky
Roxie Oliver
Jonathan Wiles
Kaitlin Wood
Also attending and representing us 
in the
Post Secondary Division is
Jacob Whitley
who took 1st Place last year in the North Carolina Secondary Division
  and Tied for 3rd Place at the National Competition in Kansas City.    
This year will be our biggest and best year yet at the largest showcase of Trade and Industrial Education in the State!  Over 2,000 students and teachers will be in attendance as more than 1,800 high school and post secondary competitors vie for the state championship in over 100 contests!
To watch click the link below:

Many segments of the competition will also be broadcast and uploaded to the link as well.  Be sure to share this will all of your students, their parents, administrators and teachers.  Let the world see the  great things that our students are doing!
Be sure to Like Us on Facebook 

and follow us on twitter @SkillsUSAnc
Thanks for all of your support, we hope you will tune in!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Just for Fun and Kicks and Giggles

This photo is of the Middletown, Rhode Island Fire Department in 1956
when Chief Barlow was 7 years old.
My Grandfather helped to start this Fire Department
My Uncle  - Charles Schwarz worked there and eventually become the Chief of Department.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advanced Studies in Fire Department Operations and Leadership 
Video Assignment
Watch all of the Blue Card Command Videos at the Following Link
Blue Card Command Video Series
This production is made available to you
by Alan Brunacini and his son John Brunacini.

from Devon Wells and Firefighter Nation
Leadership 2 x 4s” are those occurrences where something is brought to your attention about a lack of, or deficiency in, your leadership practices. These can be some of the most difficult wake-up calls you get. Most people in leadership positions take pride in their actions. But when you find out that your actions or decisions have had the opposite impact you were planning on, it creates stress and anxiety.

This is an article for Assistant Chief Amber Cline and Battalion Chief Tyler Untz for the Advanced Studies Class in Fire Service Operations and Leadership.  Read the article and you will see why it is for Asst. Chief Cline.  

Mike Coffey a Captain with High Point Fire Department and owner of Fire and Safety Consultants of Clemmons, NC visits the Concord High School Fire Academy on Wednesday March 27, 2013.  
Also visiting was Tiffany Foster Mike's Daughter and one of the Fire and Safety Consultants Staff.  

The plan is to offer a National Fire Academy Leadership Class in the near future for interested recruits of the Concord High School Fire Academy as well as other interested parties.
Thanks for your excellent visit and support.
Chief Barlow

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Check out the Photo Albums from the Concord High School Fire Academy

Monday, February 11, 2013

Haz Mat Awareness and Operations Class - Damming and Diking

Haz Mat Awareness and Operations Class - Damming and Diking Exercise
Saturday February 9, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Rapid Dress Record for the Concord High School Fire Academy