Thursday, June 30, 2011

Honor Guard attends the International Association of Fire Chief's Southeastern Conference in Montgomery, Alabama

The Lecturn and decorations

Chief Douglas Cline, the CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard and Chief Barlow

The North Carolina contingent at the Southeastern I-Chief's Conference

Chief Douglas Cline introduces the CHS Fire Academy
as the "Future Leaders of the Fire Service"

The Montgomery, Alabama Fire Department Honor Guard
opens up the Firefighter Combat Challenge

The Firefighter's Combat Challenge

Chief Doug Cline the President of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chief's
does a Podcast with the members of the CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard.
for a video of the Podcast.

Meeting Chris Naum of
for more information about this Fire Service Leader.

Meeting Dr. Dennis Onieal - Superintendent of the National Fire Academy
Click Here for the National Fire Academy

Honor Guard Captain Amber Cline speaks with Liberty Art Works
Vice President Robert Daus Jr. about getting some new Axes for the CHS Fire Academy

On June 17, 2011 the CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard drove to Montgomery, Alabama to participate in the I-Chief's Southeastern Conference. The Honor Guard was treated to seeing the Vendor Displays and watching the Firefighter's Combat Challenge. The Honor Guard took part in The Chief's Trumpet Podcast with the President of the International Association of Fire Chief's Southeastern - Chief Douglas Cline and met Dr. Dennis Onieal - The Superintendent of the National Fire Academy, and Christopher Naum of
The Honor Guard Presented the Colors on Saturday evening at the Installation of Officers Banquet.
David Bowman of Charlotte Fire Department won the Individual Firefighter Combat Challenge with a time of 1:36:66 and his son is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and plans on attending the CHS Fire Academy next year. Chief Cline's daughter is the same age as Captain Amber Cline of the CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard.
Thanks to Pat Cimini - Executive Director of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs and to Chief Douglas Cline - President of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs and all the other persons that made it possible for the CHS Fire Academy to attend this conference.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Assistant Chief Tabittha Beck's Graduation Speech

"As your Assistant Chief, I would like to Thank All of You for making this a Great year. Through this year, we were told multiple times by other Firefighters how lucky we were to have this program and how they wished they would have had the opportunity to have it when they were going through high school. We look at it as what would we have done without the Academy. Most of us would not know what direction to go towards.

If it was not for the Concord Fire Department, Chief Barlow, and everyone else who has donated or been involved in starting and making this Academy a success, we wouldn't have our first Fire Truck, first Wet Down Ceremony, first Awards Night, and many more "firsts" to come.

I would like to Thank everyone who believed in us and helped to get us to where we are today. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Chief Barlow for teaching us not only the classes we needed but to also have Respect, Trust, and to work together as a Family."

Tabittha Beck - Assistant Chief
Concord High School Fire Academy
Class of 2011

Graduation concludes another School Year at the CHS Fire Academy

CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard at Graduation
The Graduates and the Honor Guard

The view from the back The finished Scrapbook - Chief Barlow wants to see it soon!
Traffic was heavy

On Saturday June 11th, 2011 Concord High School held its Graduation Ceremony marking the end of another school year at the CHS Fire Academy.

The CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard Presented the Colors. Four of our CHSFA Seniors rode to and from the Graduation on a Fire Apparatus. Chief Tabbi received her finished Scrapbook from Captain Amber Cline, and once again the traffic was bad and the heat and humidity was almost unbearable - as it usually is this time of year. Thanks to all who assisted to make this a successful and memorable day.

Articulation Conference

Click the Logo for more information on this program of Study

Recently Chief Barlow met with the Program Director of the
Rowan Cabarrus Community College Fire and Protection Technology Program - Dr. Joseph Woodall.

Several good things came out of the Articulation Meeting including an Articulation Agreement that permits students that take all three levels of the Fire Academy classes to receive credit for 4 classes if they enroll in the 2 year Associates Degree Program in Fire Protection Technology at RCCC within 2 years of graduation.

If you would like more information
on this Program of Study
please contact
Dr. Joe Woodall
704-216-7259 Office

Articles Recently Published

The Office of the State Fire Marshal
asked Chief Barlow to write an article for the OSFM Journal.
Click the Logo for the Web Version and the Link below for just the Article.

The Concord High School Fire Academy:
A Model for Training the Future of the North Carolina Fire Service

The Concord High School Fire Academy made our first contact with Fire Chief Douglas Cline of at the North Carolina Association of Fire Chief's Mid Winter Conference in February of 2011. Chief Cline asked Chief Barlow to write an article for about the Concord High School Fire Academy and its impact on the Future of the NC Fire Service.

The Article is now Posted Here on
Training The Future of the Fire Service

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

World Trade Center Steel - Our Very Own Piece of History

The Recruits carry the artifact into the school
Guarded by Leather N5A New Yorker Fire Helmets and a Ben II Fire Helmet and flanked by 2 crossed Fire Axes, this is a Temporary Memorial until we can secure a more permanent Memorial site for our WTC artifact. The Artifact will be Formally Dedicated during the week of 9-11-2011.

On Friday May 27th, 2011 the Concord HS Fire Academy was notified by Chief Allen that our artifact had arrived and that he would be bringing it to us within the hour. The Honor Guard and recruits that were available prepared to dignify the artifacts arrival with a procession wearing Turnout Gear and notified the Yearbook Staff. Several classes lined the halls and placed their hands over their hearts.
These students were only 6 or 7 years old when the World Trade Center was attacked nine and a half years ago.


Cabarrus County Schools District Headlines Article

The Most Awesome Flash Video by Troutville, Fire Department
Located just North of Roanoke, Virginia

1st Annual Fireman's Day - A Chance to Unwind

Turnout Gear Race - Getting Ready
Franklin vs. Airheart Heat 1
Beverly vs. Blackwelder Heat 2

Tug -O- War

Watermelon - Awesome!!!

"Wagon Wheel - Rock Me Mamma"

Lightning Rods
Ivey and Meso with a Mesocyclone in the background

Friday, May 27th was the first Annual Firemen's Day and Muster between the Battalions.

Events included:
Turnout Gear Race
Tug -O- War
Knot Contest
Bucket Brigade
Hose Relay
Hot Dog and Watermelon Eating Event
Music Jam Session

Thanks to the Cooks and Helpers
Ralph and Angela Beck - Tabbi's Mom and Dad
Brown Barnhardt and his Wife - Luke Barnhardt's Mom and Dad

A Great Time was had by all!!!!

1st Annual CHS Fire Academy Awards Night

Asst. Chief Tabbi Beck Pins collar brass on newly elected Asst. Chief Taylor Beverly
Chief Allen speaks about Qualities needed in the Fire Service Today
Captain Amber Cline presents Chief Tabbi Beck with Memory Book


May 24th marked a milestone in the History of the CHS Fire Academy.
This night we had many parents, families, and recruits together for the first CHS Fire Academy Awards Night.
We started the evening off with the Presentation of the Colors by the CHS Fire Academy Honor Guard under the direction of Miss Amber Cline.
The Invocation followed and was delivered by Mr. Hayden Link.
Chief Barlow delivered "The Year In Review" which provided us with some pretty amazing Statistics about the CHS Fire Academy.

Deputy Chief of Operations for the Concord Dept. of Fire and Life Safety Mr. Ray Allen was our speaker and spoke about the Qualities that it takes to be a Firefighter. Chief Allen also mentioned the pieces of the World Trade Center that are scheduled to soon become a part of our Memorial Wall and the Memorial at Station 8.
During the program we recognized our Officers from each Battalion from this school year. We also recognized our Seniors that will be graduating as well as the seniors from last year.
We recognized our Honor Guard members and our Skills USA Team members.

Chief Barlow presented several awards which are the most prestigious.
The Good Jake Award is an Award for the Most Improved.
Recipients this year are:
Amber Cline - Honor Guard
Zack McClure
Austin Riley
The Training Award is presented to the individual(s)
that consistently demonstrate the Best Practical Skills.
Recipients this year :
Nathan Bryant
Taylor Beverly
The Chief's Award is presented to the recruit
with the Highest Academic Average.
Recipients this year are:
Battalion II
Jonathan Wiles aka. "Ace"
Battalion III
Nathan Bryant aka. "Tigger"

The program continued with a Video made up of short video clips
taken throughout the school year.
This transitioned into a "Roast" and introduction of our Assistant Chief - Tabbi Beck.
Chief Beck shared a few words about what it meant to her
to serve as the first Assistant Chief - (Student Chief) of the CHS Fire Academy.

As she concluded her thoughts, Captain Amber Cline came forward to present to Chief Beck a Scrapbook/Memory Book of Photos and Quotes from her tenure at the CHS Fire Academy. Amber had put this together for Chief Tabbi so that she could enjoy looking back.

Next on the program was the Pinning Ceremony. Chief Beck took the envelope that contained the Memo from Chief Barlow announcing the New Assistant Chief for 2011-2012 and opened it and read the Memo.
Taylor Beverly was called to the front to receive his
Assistant Chief Collar Brass for the coming year.
Chief Tabbi Beck will serve concurrently with Chief Taylor Beverly until the 2011 Graduation.
The Awards Night began to wind down
with the playing of the CHSFA Video from Semester I
and then the Semester II Video
Will James - aka. "Duck" wrote and performed
a single titled "The Academy".
After sharing this with the audience, the Awards night drew to a close.

Thanks to all of the Concord Fire and Life Safety personnel that came out and supported us on this evening as well as throughout the year. Thanks also to the Parents and the Family members, that made the effort to come out for this event. It means a lot to me as the Chief of the program, but it really means even more to the recruits. Thanks for a Great Year.
If you have photos and would like to share,
Please send them to Chief Barlow and we will post them here.

Deck Gun Operations

Battalion II flows "BIG Water" with the Deck Gun.

How To Get the Badge

On Wednesday May 18th Battalion Chief Eury of the Training Division spoke with the recruits of Battalion II and Battalion III about what it takes to "Get The Badge with the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety. After discussing the benefits of a career in the Fire Service and the steps to take to become a Firefighter, One thing that Chief Eury emphasised was the need to visualize yourself getting to that specific goal. Also discussed was the need to continuously learn and move forward with ones education.
The CFLS Reserve Firefighter Program was also discussed.
Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety Recruitment Page

On Friday May 20th Battalion Chief Tom Link of Charlotte Fire Department visited the CHS Fire Academy and shared the Charlotte Fire Department perspective.

Chief Barlow shared two other excellent websites to assist recruits
with getting the Badge and to assist with Interview Skills and more.
Use this information wisely and you too may one day
"Get The Badge"

Chief Barlow