Friday, March 29, 2013

Just for Fun and Kicks and Giggles

This photo is of the Middletown, Rhode Island Fire Department in 1956
when Chief Barlow was 7 years old.
My Grandfather helped to start this Fire Department
My Uncle  - Charles Schwarz worked there and eventually become the Chief of Department.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advanced Studies in Fire Department Operations and Leadership 
Video Assignment
Watch all of the Blue Card Command Videos at the Following Link
Blue Card Command Video Series
This production is made available to you
by Alan Brunacini and his son John Brunacini.

from Devon Wells and Firefighter Nation
Leadership 2 x 4s” are those occurrences where something is brought to your attention about a lack of, or deficiency in, your leadership practices. These can be some of the most difficult wake-up calls you get. Most people in leadership positions take pride in their actions. But when you find out that your actions or decisions have had the opposite impact you were planning on, it creates stress and anxiety.

This is an article for Assistant Chief Amber Cline and Battalion Chief Tyler Untz for the Advanced Studies Class in Fire Service Operations and Leadership.  Read the article and you will see why it is for Asst. Chief Cline.  

Mike Coffey a Captain with High Point Fire Department and owner of Fire and Safety Consultants of Clemmons, NC visits the Concord High School Fire Academy on Wednesday March 27, 2013.  
Also visiting was Tiffany Foster Mike's Daughter and one of the Fire and Safety Consultants Staff.  

The plan is to offer a National Fire Academy Leadership Class in the near future for interested recruits of the Concord High School Fire Academy as well as other interested parties.
Thanks for your excellent visit and support.
Chief Barlow

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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