Monday, October 25, 2010

Article on the CHS Fire Academy in the Fall issue of Carolina Fire Journal

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fire Behavior Class - Fire Chemistry

AHA CPR Classes for the Intro to Public Safety classes

The Introduction to Public Safety classes spent several days with the American Heart Association CPR certification classes. Here are several good photos of the Practical Skills portion of the class.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Search For Victims with Full Personal Protective Gear

Feeling the way - making sure the hoselines do not cross
"Smooth Bump Bump - To The Pump"

Searching on and off the hoseline
with good crew communication and accountability

The tones hit. The Engine Crew was dispatched to the CHS Fire Academy Classroom on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010. There is a report of victims inside the structure.
With this Practical evolution with full PPE, Battalion 3 completes Search evolutions as a crew looking for victims with full PPE including SCBA with Nomex Hoods turned backwards to give low visibility and emphasize the "Feel" of searching as well as developing good communications and accountability.

Middle School Counselors Visit CHS Fire Academy

Counselors with The Black Widow
Chief Ray Allen guides Counselor in full gear dragging Hose Dummy

Everyone Loves flowing water
CHSFA Officers lend assistance to the Counselor Recruits
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The CHS Fire Academy was visited on Tuesday October 12, 2010 by the Middle School Counselors from across Cabarrus County to learn first hand what our program was like and to find out what we offered. The visit was part of a 4 stop county wide tour call "Get on the Bus". The trip was designed to showcase 4 of the Career and Technical Education programs that Middle School Counselors need to be aware of so that they can advise their students about what is available in the High School programs throughout the county.
Assistant Chief Tabittha Beck Welcomed the Guests and spoke about her experiences with the program and also about SkillsUSA and our firefighter competition team.
Chief Randy Holloway of the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety spoke about the role of the "Partner Agency" and explained that he felt that "This program is the single most important thing that has been done in the last 20 years by his department to promote the future of the Fire Service".
Captain Amber Cline spoke about her role as a Captain and her role as the Drill Commander on the Honor Guard.
Lieutenant Johnny Tucker spoke about his role as a member of the "Widow Keepers" and about our new Hose Family.
Battalion Chief Jake Swaim spoke about his role as the Battalion Chief and about the Presidential Physical Fitness program. His PT team demonstrated the "Square Pushups" that are a CHSFA trademark.
After a Question and Answer period, one of the Counselors volunteered to dress out in Turnout Gear including SCBA and dragged Hose the mannequin across the floor.
After the inside demonstration, all went out to see The Black Widow and get photos taken with it and to flow water from a section of hose attached to the Fire Hydrant.
Concord Fire and Life Safety provided children's Fire Helmets, Stickers, and Oven Sticks for all.

Thanks to all who were present and participated.
Chief Barlow

Presenting the newest members of the CHSFA - The Hose Family

The Hose Family
Lieutenants Johnny Tucker and Mehi Carruth welcome the Hose family to the CHSFA and explain the roles that they will play to them.

The construction continues - Getting Ready To Get Ready

With this blog post, we want to share with you the newest members of the CHS Fire Academy, The Hose Family.

The adult male is named Hose, The adult female is Hosanna, and the Child is named Hoo-Rah.

These three new members are Training Aids or Props that never complain, whine, or act immature. They always remain silent even though one is a toddler and is in diapers. They do not ask for food or drink and always remain in a state of unconcious oblivion. They are also impervious to pain, which should serve them well.

They were constructed from old Fire Hose and 6"x 6" and 4"x 4" lumber blocks and fastened together with screws. The arms and legs are life-like and bendable.

They are the first of many projects that the Level 1,2, and next year's level 3 classes will construct as we go forward with the CHS Fire Academy. Next semester we plan on rescuing them with ladders. For now, they will be rescued on a regular basis using search tactics in full turnout gear and blacked out face masks or flash hoods turned backwards.

CHS Fire Academy Wet Down is featured in the Concord Fire and Life Safety Newsletter "Fully Involved"

The latest edition of the Concord Fire and Life Safety Newsletter "Fully Involved" was published on October 5th 2010. There is a lot of Pride and Dedication that is showcased in this publication. It represents the department well.
Deana Martin - Executive Assistant for the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety is the individual responsible for producing this wonderful newsletter. I think she does an amazing job representing the many facets of the Fire Department.
The CHS Fire Academy Wet Down is featured in the Concord Fire and Life Safety October 2010 Newsletter "Fully Involved".

Intro to Public Safety classes working on First aid and CPR

Two different types of head bandages
The Introduction to Public Safety classes are currently working on First Aid and CPR. Bandaging is one of the essential skills. The American Heart Association CPR certification classes will take place on Friday October 15th and Monday October 18th. Photos will follow soon on another blog post.

SkillsUSA NC Fall Leadership Conference at Camp Dixie

Kyle Franklin and Assistant Chief Tabbi Beck at Camp Dixie
The sun finally came out on Tuesday morning
Pink Team won the overall Camp Dixie Cup
State Leadership Award - can only be earned at Camp Dixie
2nd Place medal for Service Project

Assistant Chief of the CHS Fire Academy Tabittha Beck and Kyle Franklin along with Chief Barlow attended the SkillsUSA North Carolina Fall Leadership Conference at Camp Dixie on September 26-28, 2010.
This program which is held annually, is designed to show the participants the full scope of the SkillsUSA program on a Statewide, and National level, and to get the students energized to bring the excitement back to their respective Chapters in their schools.

From the NC SkillsUSA website

The 2010 SkillsUSA North Carolina Fall Leadership Conference was a huge success with over 180 students and advisors from all over the state in attendance. The energy was high, the excitement was great, and the impact was tremendous. This was one of the greatest conferences held at Camp Dixie in SkillsUSA history. From day one, students and teachers were broken out of their comfort zones as they were split into five groups with other students and teachers from across the state. It wasn’t longer before strangers became teammates and friends as each of the five groups worked diligently to prepare themselves for leadership competition and the Great Experience. Only one group could be crowned champion at Camp Dixie 2010, and everyone realized that they had to learn and grow as a team in order to win. The course of the net two days brought many activities, games, and workshops that helped attendees mature not only as leaders, but as individuals. Students learned what it took to be a strong leader, how to speak about SkillsUSA, how to run a meeting, and how to adoobeedobe (if you don’t know what this is, you will have to come to Camp Dixie next year to find out). The next two days also brought intense competition, from public speaking to 3 point shootouts and from tv commercials to boat races. And of course their was plenty of swimming, canoeing, blobbing, and pig picking thrown in to make it interesting. At the end of the day, one team was recognized at the competition winners and was awarded the coveted Dixie Cup, however, all of those in attendance walked away pumped up and energized because they realized that they were all Champions as a result of the attitude and approach that they now had when working in teams or facing challenges. SkillsUSA North Carolina would like to thank all of those who came out and made Camp Dixie 2010 an unbelievably great experience! Hoo-Rah!

SkillsUSA NC Website

Even though the rains fell all day on Sunday - Monday night, the sun finally came out on Tuesday morning. Spirits remained high and several students were heard saying that they wished that all students could attend Camp Dixie.

Other News on the SkillsUSA NC Website includes info on the
CHS Fire Academy receiving the Black Widow.

Cabarrus County School Board Recognizes Chief Barlow and the Concord High School Fire Academy

The Cabarrus County School Board recognized Chief Barlow and the Concord High School Fire Academy at the Business Meeting on Monday September 20, 2010.
Ms. Lisa Conger, Director of the Career and Technical Education Program spoke to the school board about how difficult it was to find an instructor for the Fire Academy, but just how good a match it was when they did find Chief Barlow.
Also attending the meeting were recruits, Zack McClure, Kyle Franklin, and Brandon Blackwelder.

Chief Barlow and the Fire Academy were recently presented with a Commendation from Congressman Bob Etheridge who was the NC State School Superintendant.