Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cabarrus County Fire and Life Safety Bowl - 2011

Parking is finished
Park Here
Having fun with the mascot
Uncle Bill - the Fire Clown

Chief Barlow and six members of the CHS Fire Academy assisted with the Cabarrus County Fire and Life Safety Bowl for the 4th Grade students of Cabarrus County and Kannapolis City Schools on Thursday evening March 24th.
The recruits assisted with Parking Cars, serving Italian Ice, Drinks, Cafeteria Clean up, and more...
A good time was had by all

Visit from Iredell - Statesville Schools and Statesville Fire Department

Arriving on Scene
Forcing the Door
Flowing the secondary Line
Hydrant, Guidon, Roof work, Observers
Raising the Hoseline to the roof
Taking up - Packing the Triple Layer Load

The Concord HS Fire Academy was visited on Thursday by representatives of the Iredell Statesville Schools and the Statesville Fire Department.
Mrs. Shelley Wolf of the Iredell-Statesville Schools, Statesville Fire Chief David Bullins, and Deputy Chief Dennis Hutchins, stopped by to find out first hand how our program operates. After a presentation in the classroom, the visitors were taken outside for a demonstration of the recruits skills. Using a replacement truck for the Black Widow driven by Chief Ray Allen of Concord Fire and Life Safety, the recruits demonstrated the skills used in the fire service on an actual structural response. Chief Eury of the CFLS Training Division was also present.
A Big Thank You to Concord Fire And Life Safety for their assistance with this demonstration.

Skills demonstrated included:
  • Catching the Hydrant
  • Stretching the Attack line and extending it to the second floor up a stairwell
  • Forcible Entry
  • Laddering the Building with a 35 foot extension ladder
  • Carrying a Roof Ladder and tools to the Roof
  • Raising an uncharged hose line to the roof using utility rope
  • Ladder Lock on the Roof Ladder and using the Hoseline at higher elevation with both hands
  • Stretching a secondary attack line and flowing water

After completing the demonstration and returning the apparatus to service, the recruits shared their "Whoo Cheer" and the CHS Fire Academy Video was shown.

Thank You for allowing us to share our skills with you.
CHSFA Assistant Chief Tabittha Beck

Ventilation Practicals at Concord Fire and Life Safety Training Grounds

The CHS Fire Academy traveled to the Concord Fire and Life Safety Training Grounds at Station #3 where the Crew of Rescue 3 and Chief Barlow worked with the Recruits to complete their Practicals on Ventilation. Using the Ventilation Prop and working in teams of two, the recruits were able to actually complete cutting the 4x4 vent hole on the roof and punch the ceiling. Doing this in this type of setting was also a great way to practice some of our

ladder skills as well.

Thanks to our Partner Agency for all of their assistance with this training.

CHSFA Honor Guard Presents the Colors at the Cabarrus County Commissioners Meeting

The Concord High School Fire Academy Honor Guard Presented the Colors at the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners Meeting on March 21, 2011.

After the ceremony, the Recruits were presented a pin and Chief Barlow was asked to share a little bit about the program.

Cosmetology Student Offers Haircuts for the CHS Fire Academy

One of the CTE Cosmetology students at Concord High School - Mackenzie Bezdziecki, has offered to provide Haircuts for the Recruits and Chief Barlow at a reduced rate. Mackenzie must complete a certain number of haircuts to become licensed. She is also at the top of her class and does a wonderful job. Chief Barlow was the first at the Fire Academy to take advantage of this offer.
Thanks Makenzie for the great Haircut!!
Chief Barlow
This is a great example of how one CTE Program can help out another CTE program.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Donation of Equipment is received from Waco Fire Department

Waco Community Fire Department

Waco Fire Department in Cleveland County North Carolina has made a second donation of used Firefighting equipment to the Concord High School Fire Academy.

Thanks to Chief Kevin Gordon, Assistant Chief Brent Gordon,
and their personnel for the wonderful support.

of the Brown Emergency Training Center
at Cleveland County Community College

Forcible Entry Prop with Chief Greg Summitt

Checking the position of the Halligan
Trying to defeat the inward swinging door of the Forcible Entry Prop

The CHS Fire Academy was treated to a unique opportunity to learn how to force entry into commercial buildings as well as residential structures on Thursday March 3rd when Greg Summitt, another one of Chief Barlow's former students brought his "Home Built" Forcible Entry Prop to the Fire Academy.
In addition to the Door Prop, Chief Summitt brought examples of commercial door cylinder locks: One that had been Pulled out by a K-Tool and Halligan, One that had been removed by a Pipe Wrench, and one that was untouched to show the differences between the three. He also brought an electric set of cutters produced by HURST.

Greg is a career Firefighter with Kannapolis Fire Department and is the Assistant Chief of the Cleveland Fire Department in Rowan County.

Many Thanks for sharing your Prop with us as well as your Passion
for being an Instructor for the NC Fire Service.


Hand Tools
Fire Hooks Unlimited

Truck Work using a Roof Hook
Forcible Entry on Helmet Cam

Proper Striking Technique with the Irons

Ultimate Forcible Entry

Conventional Forcible EntryInward Swing Door

Conventional Forcible Entry Full Speed Demnstration

Forcing an Inward Swinging Steel Door

Outward Opening Steel Doors

Forcible Entry Rollup Steel Door

Overhead Doors with K-12 Saw

Burglar Bar Removal with an Axe

Burglar Bar Removal with K-12 Saw

Halligan Bar Methods

Baseball Bat Halligan Technique

K-Tool Use and Operations

Forcible Entry Hinge Cut

Cinder Block Wall Breach

Firefighter Breaches Interior Wall RIT Drill

Moving Through Walls - Several Methods

Firefighter Climbs Wall

How to Use your Axe the Wrong Way

Vent Hole in 32 Seconds

Venting a Window with an Extension Ladder

Forcible Entry on a Panic Bar Door

Forcible Entry Through The Lock

Remember, "With Knowledge Comes Great Responsibility"

Cabarrus County Rescue Squad Fills CHSFA Air Bottles

Breathing Freshly Bottled Air
Filling the Bottles for the First Time
Learning how the Mobile Cascade System Works


Live Burn at 88 Corbin Ave.

Johnny changes Chief Clines SCBA Bottle
Great Turnout
The CHS Fire Academy was invited to attend the Night Live Burn held as part of the Concord Fire and Life Safety Recruit Class 17-7's Fire Control Training.
The CHSFA Recruits assisted by changing all of the Air Bottles that were used that night. There was a good turnout with 14 recruits present.


Chief Allen and Chief Cline

Ladder Practicals with the 35 foot Extension Ladder

On The RoofCarrying the Roof Ladder up the 35' Ladder
Slowly lean it into the building
Ladder Raise for Chief Holloway and Chief Allen
Setting the ladder down gently
High Shoulder Beam Carry
High Shoulder Flat Carry

Truck Company Ladders Class Battalion 2 & 3

Taylor Beverly at the top
The View of the Battalion from the top

The group receiving their Instructions

Video of Battalion 3 performing the Whooo Cheer from the top of the Ladder

On February 16th, 2011 the CHS Fire Academy was treated to a visit from Concord Fire and Life Safety Ladder 1. The Truck Company crew went over all of the equipment that they carry on their truck and instructed the recruits on how to climb the 75 foot ladder.

Thanks Ladder 1 for your assistance and support.

Ground Ladders - Battalion 3