Friday, December 9, 2011

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Concord High School Fire Academy is now Nationally Recognized

The National Partnership Website

David Barbour of the NC Department of Public Instruction provided an update to the National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security about the Fire Academy programs statewide at the National Partnership Conference and Board of Directors meeting held on November 9-12, 2011 in Arlington, Virginia.

With this National recognition we have just last week been informed that we will be the first High School in the State of NC to offer the Emergency Medical Technician
class for certification next year.

D & L Photographers take Photos for the Fire Academy

Click Photos to Enlarge

David and Lisa Wood of D & L Photographers came to the Friday Night Football Game against NW Cabarrus HS during the 1st round of the playoffs and took photos of the Concord HS Fire Academy Honor Guard and Truck Team.
David and Lisa have told me that they will be glad to cover any of our other events as well.
Thanks for your great job on this project.
The Photos are found at the Link below.

Firefighters of Station 15 Wait for the Big One - Charlotte Fire Department

This article appeared in the Charlotte Magazine during the Thanksgiving holiday. Station 15 and the Firefighters of The Shamrock Road Express are the busiest in the City of Charlotte.

Charlotte Fire Department donates Equipment to the CHS Fire Academy

The Donated Equipment fills the bed of Chief Barlow's Pickup
The Charlotte Fire Department donated a quantity of used Turnout Gear, Hose, and several Nozzles, and small appliances to the CHS Fire Academy during the Thanksgiving week. The photo above shows just how large the volume the equipment is.

Thanks to Captain Buddy Caldwell of the Logistics Division for helping with our needs.

The 83rd Concord Christmas Parade 2011

The CHS Fire Academy participated in the Concord Christmas Parade again this year. Turnout for the parade was a bit small but that will be changing for the Kannapolis Holiday Parade of Lights and for next year as well.

Chief Barlow has help celebrating his 60th Birthday

The Battalion 2 recruits and others put together the Party
A Really Classy Cake
Soda, Cake, Pizza, and a Signed Fire Extinguisher - Truly a Great Birthday Celebration!
Thanks To All Involved!

On November 14th Chief Barlow had assistance from the recruits of the CHSFA in celebrating one of the larger Birthdays - "The Big 60"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Weddle Tool Company Visits the Concord HS Fire Academy

Battalion 2 with Jack Harding and Dave Weddle

In August of this year, Chief Barlow met Jack Harding of the Weddle Tool Company at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh, NC. The consensus was that the recruits of the CHSFA needed to have one of their Forcible Entry Tools called the W- Tool. This would launch the recruits to the next level of skill beyond just the basics with F&E.

After several emails and a couple of phone calls the date was set and Dave Weddle - the President of the Company and Jack Harding - the Vice President of Business Operations drove down on November 16th from West Virginia and set up their props in the Commons area at the High School. The following morning the Intro to Public Safety class set up the area for local area Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers to assemble and participate in the Train the Trainer class along with our Battalion 2 recruits. After completing the class, the W-Tool and a Fan Hanger Tool were presented to the Fire Academy.
During the off season when we are not going to be using the Tool for Training, we will share the W-Tool with the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety and get their input.

Salisbury Fire Department Donates Turnout Gear to the Concord HS Fire Academy

The Salisbury Fire Department has donated a large amount of used Turnout Gear to the Concord HS Fire Academy. This will get us jmuch closer to permit each recruit in the Fire Academy to be issued Turnout Gear.
Many Thanks to Chief Bob Parnell and Battalion Chief Kepley
Chief Bob Parnell
Battalion Chief Kepley

Bob Etheridge of the Governors Office stops by for a Visit

Representative Bob Etheridge and his wife Faye stopped by the Concord High School Fire Academy for a visit on September 20, 2011. It was really nice to see them again after such a long time. Chief Barlow was serving as the Region 6 Teacher of the Year when Bob Etheridge last came to visit.

Representative Etheridge is the former NC State School Superintendent and served as a Congressman in the US House of Representatives from 1996 - 2010 where he authored and championed the Hometown Heroes Act of 2003. After leaving Congress Governor Beverly Perdue appointed him as the head of the NC Office of Economic Recovery and Investment which oversees funds to the state from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Bob Etheridge heads this Agency

Portable Fire Extinguisher Class Battalion 4

Battalion 4 completed their Portable Fire Extinguisher class with the practical skills portion of the class.

Fire Extinguishers for this class were provided by
Shipp's Fire Equipment Sales and Service.

Check out their website and if you need their services, they will be glad to assist you.
Shipp's Fire Equipment
P. O. Box 1641
54 Wilshire Ave.
Concord, NC 28026-1641
Phone: 704.788.2007

Fax: 704.788.2396


Bonfire and K-Town Week 2011

The week of the Concord - A L Brown Football Game is always a crazy time. At Concord HS we always have a Bonfire and the Fire Academy assists with the event.

Vent - Enter - Search with Battalion 2

The Vent Hole is being cut

Support from the Tool, The Ladder, and a Brother

Allison Latos Interviews Tabbi Beck of the Fire Protection Technology Program at RCCC

The News Team at Work

Battalion Chief Philemon is Interviewed

Allison Latos of Channel 9 News interviews Chief Allen

Battalion 2 progressed nicely with their Ventilation Class and nearing the end of the class we were asked to do an Interview for WSOC-TV Channel 9 News with Allison Latos.

The recruits were given the opportunity to design their demonstration showcasing their skills in Vent - Enter - Search.

The Skills included:
Emergency Response as a Full Engine Company
Initial Size-up on the Radio with Command Established
Forcible Entry
Stretching the Attack Line and a Backup Line
Searching the structure - Primary Search with victim found and rescued and Secondary Search
Ladder Work with a Backup Ladder on the opposite side of the structure
Ventilation Team simulating cutting the Vent Hole on the roof and punching the ceiling.
All tasks were communicated to Command and updates were provided to Communications
Knot Tying Skills were also demonstrated.

The Interview went well and Chief Allen of Concord Fire and Life Safety assisted.

Click Here for the Channel 9 News Video

T&I Fire Camp

Mr. Satenstein's Trade and Industry Class attended the CHS Fire Academy during the week of October 17-21 for a sampling of what the Fire Academy offers.
The recruits learned how to Tag In, Classes of Fire, Fire Chemistry, Types of Fire Equipment, and how to use PPE, Hoses, Streams, and Hydrants.
A Lot was learned and a Good Time was had by All.


Walk for Hope Cancer Fundraiser

Fire Academy Recruits and Chief Barlow at the "Walk for Hope" Captain Buddy Caldwell, Rosemary Goodman,
and Engineer Cheryl White Rosemary Goodman shows off her Ribbon Concord HS Faculty shows support for the "Walk for Hope" Some of the recruits enjoy checking out The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady from the Charlotte Fire Department came to the
Concord High School "Walk for Hope" Cancer Fundraising event on October 20, 2011.
Captain Buddy Caldwell brought "The Pink Lady and stood by.

The school raised $2,734.95 for Cancer Research in 2 hours.

Rosemary Goodman is the Cancer Survivor that "The Walk for Hope was started for a number of years ago.

RCCC Fire Protection Technology Joint Advisory Board Meeting

Chief Barlow is on the RCCC Advisory Board for the Fire Protection Technology Program. The Members met on October 19th at RCCC and discussed the FPT and the newly developed EPT programs.
Two of our CHS Fire Academy Graduates are enrolled in the
RCCC Fire Protection Technology program at this time.

Members of the Advisory Board include:

Bob Parnell - Chief - Salisbury Fire Department
David Morris - Deputy Chief - Salisbury Fire Department
Jay Baker - Chief - Spencer Fire Department
Daniel W. Peters - CFPS - Town Manager - Granite Quarry
Ernie Hiers - Chief - Kannapolis Fire Department
Rick Barnhardt - Division Chief - Kannapolis Fire Department
Randall Faggart - Division Chief - Kannapolis Fire Department
Randy Holloway - Chief - Concord Fire and Life Safety
Curtis Teague - Deputy Chief - Concord Fire and Life Safety
Lee Readling - Battalion Chief - Concord Fire and Life Safety
Roger Cline - Battalion Chief - Training - Concord Fire and Life Safety
David Barlow - Chief - Concord High School Fire Academy
Bryan Dunn - Chief - Harrisburg Fire Department
David Montague - Fire Marshal - Harrisburg Fire Department
Steve Langer - Fire Marshal - Cabarrus County

These individuals have great knowledge of our program and they have a vested interest in you as recruits.
In today's world everything is about Communications and Networking.
The years of Fire Service Experience and Wisdom these folks have is incredible.
Collectively these professionals have More than 400 years of experience.
Tap into this incredible resource and make it part of your personal network.

For more information on these programs please contact:

Dr. Joe Woodall
704-678-0071 Office

Battalion 4 PPE and Assorted Photos

Ericka - Those Bunker Pants are just a little Big.
Who will finish first?

This Post is to recognize some of what the Semester 1 Battalion 4 did with the PPE class and it also provides a Link to a good collection of Assorted Photos from the 1st Semester.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aluminum Can Recycling Project

Please help us fill our Can Tainer
as many times as possible this year
The CHS Fire Academy Can Tainer on Sept. 1st, 2011

The Concord High School Fire Academy has partnered with Can Do Recycling - South and is in the process of trying to Recycle as many cans as possible. This not only saves energy, but provides us with a year round income by getting the local community and the school community to recycle their cans to assist the CHS Fire Academy.

Copy and Paste this on your Facebook Status to share with your friends and help us fill the CanTainer.

"If you have recyclable Aluminum cans at home please consider bringing them to school and depositing them in our large Can Recycling Container adjacent to the Softball field at the edge of the Student Parking Lot. Encourage your neighbors to join in the efforts as well. This facility is available 24 hours / day and 365 days a year. Thank You for your support!"

Chief Barlow's Mother Emily M. Barlow Passes

Emily Barlow

This is a short entry to say Thank You for all of your thoughts and prayers during this time of loss for the Barlow Family.
The Link will take you to her obituary.

After returning from Rhode Island, I found a Maple Tree in my truck as a Memorial for my mother. It is so appropriate since I collected Maple Sap with my mother as a young child and learned how to make Maple Syrup. Thank You Amber and Mrs. Cline for orchestrating such an appropriate Memorial.
It is now planted in my front yard.
How To Make Maple Syrup

Thank You to the Concord Fire and Life Safety Crews that covered my classes during the four days that I was out.
Thanks also to the Concord Professional Firefighters Association for the plant in memory of my mother.