Monday, February 27, 2012

Graduate Recruit Tabittha Beck Completes her Firefighter I,II Certification

The culmination of more than 400 hours of Training
Just a little bit warm
Most brand new helmets don't look like this
Brand new Gear got a bit warm as well

Former student Assistant Chief Tabittha Beck and Graduate of the Concord High School Fire Academy completed her Firefighter I,II State Certification in late December of 2011 and just received her Certificates in the mail on Friday February 24, 2012. She completed her certifications with a Live Burn in December and another Live Structure Burn several weeks ago. Tabbi is the second recruit from our Fire Academy to complete her state certifications through the Concord High School Fire Academy and the Community College.
She completed 14 of her 21 classes through the CHS Fire Academy.

Tabbi is one that truly loves the experiences she has gleaned from the Concord High School Fire Academy and continues to do the same with all of her classes through the Fire Department and in her Fire Protection Technology class at Rowan Cabarrus Community College. Tabbi is currently taking her Emergency Medical Technician class and is looking forward to a lot more training as she continues on her journey toward a full time career in the Fire Service.

During her most recent Live Burn Training Tabbi hung out with the Live Burn Instructor and assisted in building the fires for the Hose Teams to extinguish. Tabbi's brand new Turnout Gear suffered a bit of Heat Damage but she was glad to finally get the house really "HOT" so that she could make the last run on it before letting it go.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Brotherhood - Little Sister!
Chief Barlow

Tabbi is a member of the Mt. Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department
serving both Rowan and Cabarrus Counties.

Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Melton take a ride on the Black Widow

The sucessful completion of the Ride
These fine Teachers have worked as hard as Zack

All suited up and ready to go.

On Friday February 24, 2012 Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Melton took a ride on the Black Widow to celebrate a personal accomplishment of one of the CHS Fire Academy Recruits - Mr. Zack McClure. Both Teachers had been asking for a ride and this was just the right time to grant helpful teachers their wish.
A good time was had by all.

Greensboro Fire Department Recruiter visits the CHSFA

Captain Kelly Giles - Recruiter 'The Options are Yours - You just have to want them badly enough."

On Wednesday February 22, 2012 Captain Kelly Giles of the Greensboro Fire Department came to the Concord High School Fire Academy Fire Science III class to check out the program and share what was required to become a Firefighter with the City of Greensboro. Captain Giles was impressed and invited the class to visit the Training grounds in Greensboro and experience first hand what it takes to complete the Firefighter Combat Challenge and to sharpen our Recruits Skills with Interviews. We need to take advantage of this offer and will try to schedule it in the near future.
Click the Patch to visit the
City of Greensboro, NC
Fire Department

Search Teams Follow the Hose line looking for victims

Whoops! Might have Missed Something?
Searching the Landing
I found HooRah!
Look What We Found!
Going down the stairs quickly - Remember the stairs can be like a chimney.

Intro to Public Safety Battalion 4 Crews got a taste of what Searching for Victims on a Hose Line is like on February 23 and 24 as well as the experience of following lines up and down stairs. The exercise started with simple searches and following the line and rapidly advanced to extrication of live victims. Facemasks were blacked out.

Toxic Teamwork - Pallet Races to Advance the Hose Line

Working out Strategy
The Race is On
Crossing the Finish Line
On February 17th the Introduction to Public Safety class learned all about Teamwork and Crew Integrity as they advanced Hose Lines and stayed on their Pallet Rafts as they advanced the hose. Each time a Pallet was moved forward, the SCBA had to be passed to another recruit from the Company in numeric order. The Crew completing the distance in the shortest time had bragging rights and competed in the semi finals and finally we had two final heats to determine the winner.

The Black Widow Receives an Updated Hose Bed

The upright Dividers going into place
Measure twice - and cut once

Stitching the Bed together

Over a two day period of February 15 and 16the Battalion II - The Fire III Class refurbished, repaired the Hose Bed of the Black Widow and added dividers to the Bed to make it more functional.

We also plan to make the Engine Company more 23 CFR 634 Compliant as shown in this Video titled "Marked and Seen".

Friday, February 3, 2012

Foam Fire Streams

Ike Barnhardt Mans the Big Gun
What a Foam Blanket

Chief Burnette goes over the details of the Foam Trailer Design

The day was warm, the sky was clear, but the Parking Lot at Concord High School was covered with white Foam. On January 5, 2012 the Recruits of the Concord High School Fire Academy were treated to a demonstration of the Cabarrus County Foam Trailer and its operations. Chief Alan Burnette of Midland Fire and Rescue along with Matthew Ford brought the Foam Trailer up to the High School Fire Academy to let the recruits get a first hand idea of what it could produce. All assisted in operating the trailer and we found out what a great resource and some great prior planning and some amazing skills some of the Cabarrus County Firefighters have when it comes to designing and building a "State of the Art" Foam Trailer. Great Job folks!


Fire Hose Streams and Appliances

Amber operates the Deck Gun
A High Level Meeting

Backing up the Nozzleman on the Two and a Half

Operating big lines

Nozzle Team

Switch places

Bellamy could do it by himself

Nice Wide Fog - "Left for Life"

Fourth Battalion enjoyed the Hose Streams and Appliances Practicals
when they were able to put it all together
and flow not only Hand Lines but also
the Deck Gun on "The Black Widow.

Sprinkler fun in 20 Degree weather

How wet can you get Nelson?
Click photos for enlargements

January 4, 2012 was a very cool 18 degree morning at the CHS Fire Academy. The Recruits still had to complete their Practical Skills with shutting off Sprinklers. The hose that provided the Sprinkler Prop was frozen solid. After securing another hose, we completed the Practical Skills Testing. The Courtyard became a skating rink.