Sunday, August 22, 2010

Truck Fire with Magnesium Explosion

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The early morning of August 11th, 2010 at around 1:15 am the Atwell Fire Department received a report of a vehicle on fire on Joy Hill Road in the southwestern part of Rowan County North Carolina. Chief Barlow responded with his son Brent and upon arrival found the Dodge Ram pickup truck engine compartment and cab area fully involved. Engine 401 arrived a few minutes later and the attack line and backup lines were extended and charged. Brent Barlow had the nozzle and there were two others on the line as backup.
As water is applied to the drivers side dash area there was a fairly nice Magnesium Explosion. Remember, Magnesium burns at ~4000 degrees Farenheit and uses the oxygen and the hydrogen in the water to continue the burning process. Remember, we issue quality turnout gear and SCBA for just this type of thing. All personnel were wearing and using full PPE and SCBA. Many vehicles on the road today use magnesium u-joints in the steering shaft assemblies to assist the steering column with breaking away as a safety feature.

Remember, to Always evaluate "Risk vs. Gain"
Always wear all of your PPE and use SCBA
Be Safe out There!
Chief Barlow

LAFD Video on Command Teams

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The LAFD uses command teams, made up of a Battalion or Division Commander and a Staff Assistant. Together, they manage the scene of any significant incident. A major emergency will see multiple teams in place. Few people seem to understand the value and importance of command teams, so the LAFD has created a short video about them to help people understand the vital role these individuals play in keeping firefighters and civilians safe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"BURN" A Documentary about Detroit, Michigan's Fire Problem

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BURN is a documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, the men and women on the front lines, charged with the thankless task of saving a city -- and an American Dream -- that many have written off as dead. Located on Detroits blighted east side, Engine Company 50 is one of the busiest firehouses in the United States. Every day, these firefighters face injury, disablement, chronic illness, death. Theyre using outdated equipment and working for a meager wage. The skeleton fire crews left in this crumbling American city dont deny that its sick, but they cant view it as terminal, either. The media has swarmed on the city, sensationalizing its decay. But, until now, no one has properly explored the city and its people with the depth and detail they deserve.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Concord High School Fire Academy "Graduate Boot Camp"

Many Thanks to all of the members of The Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety for their assistance with the first "Concord High School Fire Academy Graduate Boot Camp". The program was held at Concord Fire Department Station 3 Training grounds on Monday August 2-3, 2010.

The Boot Camp was attended by 3 recent Concord High School graduates - Joshua Elliott, Charles Marsh, and Ariella Eury McMullen. The program was intended to give these students the opportunity to practice and sharpen their Firefighting Skills, interact and get to know the instructors, and to better get to know the organization of the Department, and to find out more about the Reserve Program.

Topics covered included: PPE, Ladders, Ropes, Equipment Raises, Ventilation, Aerial Ladder Operations, Operating and Search in tight spaces - the Maze, Hose Advancement, and Sprinklers. A tour of the Telecommunications Center, Recruit Class, and the entire Headquarters station was also provided as part of the Graduate Boot Camp. Chief Holloway and Chief Cline spoke with the students and provided them with Concord Fire and Life Safety Caps and Patches.

With the summer heat, Concord Fire Department provided Air Conditioning and lots of bottled water with the Mobile Emergency Command Center on site. Breaks were provided for Rehab. Also, on day one, lunch was provided and participants ate with the members of Engine 3 and Rescue 3 in their quarters.

On the second day of the program, the students were visited by Mr. David Barbour a consultant with the NC Department of Public Instruction - CTE Division, Mr. Darryl Nobles - CTE Director for Cumberland County, and Mr. Fred Curley - Fire Science instructor from EE Smith HS in Cumberland County. Chief Holloway met with the visitors and much information about the Fire Science Program statewide was shared. Reserve Engine 3 was on site for the visitors to see and at the lunch break, a tour of the CHS Fire Academy classroom was provided for the visitors. Chief Holloway provided each of the visitors with a Concord Fire Department patch.

News 14 and a reporter from the Independent Tribune stopped by on Tuesday as well.
News 14 ran the news video on Wednesday and possibly Thursday.
The Independent Tribune Story