Sunday, October 17, 2010

SkillsUSA NC Fall Leadership Conference at Camp Dixie

Kyle Franklin and Assistant Chief Tabbi Beck at Camp Dixie
The sun finally came out on Tuesday morning
Pink Team won the overall Camp Dixie Cup
State Leadership Award - can only be earned at Camp Dixie
2nd Place medal for Service Project

Assistant Chief of the CHS Fire Academy Tabittha Beck and Kyle Franklin along with Chief Barlow attended the SkillsUSA North Carolina Fall Leadership Conference at Camp Dixie on September 26-28, 2010.
This program which is held annually, is designed to show the participants the full scope of the SkillsUSA program on a Statewide, and National level, and to get the students energized to bring the excitement back to their respective Chapters in their schools.

From the NC SkillsUSA website

The 2010 SkillsUSA North Carolina Fall Leadership Conference was a huge success with over 180 students and advisors from all over the state in attendance. The energy was high, the excitement was great, and the impact was tremendous. This was one of the greatest conferences held at Camp Dixie in SkillsUSA history. From day one, students and teachers were broken out of their comfort zones as they were split into five groups with other students and teachers from across the state. It wasn’t longer before strangers became teammates and friends as each of the five groups worked diligently to prepare themselves for leadership competition and the Great Experience. Only one group could be crowned champion at Camp Dixie 2010, and everyone realized that they had to learn and grow as a team in order to win. The course of the net two days brought many activities, games, and workshops that helped attendees mature not only as leaders, but as individuals. Students learned what it took to be a strong leader, how to speak about SkillsUSA, how to run a meeting, and how to adoobeedobe (if you don’t know what this is, you will have to come to Camp Dixie next year to find out). The next two days also brought intense competition, from public speaking to 3 point shootouts and from tv commercials to boat races. And of course their was plenty of swimming, canoeing, blobbing, and pig picking thrown in to make it interesting. At the end of the day, one team was recognized at the competition winners and was awarded the coveted Dixie Cup, however, all of those in attendance walked away pumped up and energized because they realized that they were all Champions as a result of the attitude and approach that they now had when working in teams or facing challenges. SkillsUSA North Carolina would like to thank all of those who came out and made Camp Dixie 2010 an unbelievably great experience! Hoo-Rah!

SkillsUSA NC Website

Even though the rains fell all day on Sunday - Monday night, the sun finally came out on Tuesday morning. Spirits remained high and several students were heard saying that they wished that all students could attend Camp Dixie.

Other News on the SkillsUSA NC Website includes info on the
CHS Fire Academy receiving the Black Widow.

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