Thursday, December 30, 2010

CHSFA begins our Puppet Education Program

The CHSFA Puppet Team
A Sleepy Puppet wakes up
Jake and Beth in action
Childrens Fire Safety Books and Signs for the Fire Academy Classroom

As part of the Fire Prevention, Fire Education, and Fire Cause Determination class, an effort has been made this year to incorporate Puppets into the CHS Fire Academy program. Chief Barlow already has "Jake" his Firefighter ventriloquist puppet and the "Blue Monster". Several students got to be pretty good with him and another student brought in his Police Officer puppet and his red Boy puppet.

First, we looked at several Children's Books and tried to see if these would provide us with messages that we could share with younger students. After that, we worked on scripts for our home made puppets with limited success. Next we looked at Peepers Puppet Videos, The Legoland Firefighter Show, and Fire Prevention Puppet Shows. Smokebusters Fire Safety videos, and Fire Marshal Bill Videos. Finally we worked on a couple of videos to place on You Tube and one of our recruits built a Puppet Stage of PVC.
Captain Ruggles and Battalion Chief Link finally completed their You Tube Videos titled
"The Call To Serve" practice video and "The Call To Serve 1" finished video.
Good Effort gentlemen.
Some Links for You on Puppetry

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