Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CHS Fire Academy is Recognized by Former NC State School Superintendant and current Congressman of the NC 2nd District

US Representative Bob Etheridge
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The Honorable Bob Etheridge became the NC State School Superintendant the year after Chief Barlow was a Regional Teacher of the Year for the State of North Carolina. Chief Barlow worked with the NC Teaching Fellows Program and worked closely with Mr. Etheridge in his role as a Co - Director of the Discovery Program for a number of years (14 years).
Chief Barlow has also continuously offered Junior Enrichment Programs for the NC Teaching Fellows since 1996 as well.
The Website for his continued involvement with the NC Teaching Fellows Program is:

Apparently Representative Ethridge learned about the Concord High School Fire Academy from the Office of the State Fire Marshal or possibly the NC State Firemen's Association. Representative Etheridge has a proven track record of representing "Hometown Heroes" exceptionally well and continues to be well informed about anything newsworthy that is happening statewide in the Fire, Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement arenas.

and do a search for Hometown Heroes or check out his stand on the
to see just how supportive of Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement.
Thanks Representative Etheridge for recognizing our program at Concord High School and the letter of support.
It will be posted on the wall of the Concord High School Fire Academy.
Chief Barlow

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