Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Assistant Chief Amber Cline's First Live Burn

What do you get with two Assistant Chief's?   A house on the Ground!
Chief Jimmy and the Fire Academy Crew

At the Door Ready To Go!
First Run - Not Too Hot
 Cooling Down

Tabbi "Pothole" had to be there for moral support

Assistant Chief Amber Cline gets her first taste of Fighting Live Fire with her first Live Burn on Tuesday night June 4th, 2013.  Amber was able to complete her training with a good number of her "Brothers" that graduated from the Fire Academy last year and one of her "Best Buddies" former Assistant Chief Tabbi "Pothole" Beck.

After getting a good number of burns from the house, Allen Fire - Rescue let the house go.  Then the cleanup began.  Starting at 6 pm the tired recruits and firefighters left the station at around 2 am. 

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