Sunday, May 2, 2010

Volunteer Breakfast at Concord High School

Thursday, April 22, 2010 Concord High School held a Volunteer Breakfast for all of the Volunteers that had assisted with the school during the past year. One of the highlights of the breakfast was the presentation of a plaque to the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety by Ms. Lisa Conger, Director of the Cabarrus County Schools Career and Technical Education program. Chief of Operations, Ray Allen was present and accepted the award on behalf of all of the Concord Fire and Life Safety personnel that have contributed so much to the Fire Academy program over the past year.
The list is hopefully complete. Many Thanks for all that these fine folks have done for the program.
Chief Holloway
Chief Ray Allen
Chief Isenhour
Chief Roger Cline
Captain John Eury
Don Ward
Captain Todd Jones
Lester Cragan
Josh Simpson
Don Ward
Renee' Lutz
Warren Hatley

Thanks to All!
Chief Barlow

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