Thursday, May 6, 2010

CHS Fire Academy HONOR GUARD Fundraiser Kickoff

I hope you Love Smoked Meat Snacks in 14 different flavors!

The CHS Fire Academy is launching its first Fundraising efforts to purchase equipment for the HONOR GUARD for use at this years Graduation Ceremony.

The list includes: Flag Straps, White Gloves, Dress Uniform Caps with scrambles and silver snake bands, and Collar Brass.

To assist these efforts, please see any Fire Academy Recruit and purchase as many of these wonderful protein Snacks as possible.
Each of the 14 different flavors is only $1.


Sweet BBQ
Sweet Annie Brown
Sweet Maple Bacon
Country Delight
Hot Cajun
Smokehouse Grill
Orange Mandy
Old #9
Pepper Joe Taco
Hickory Jerky
Teriyaki Jerky

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