Thursday, May 6, 2010

CHS Fire Academy is visited by a Nurse and Nursing Instructor from the NC Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill

Mr. Derek Miller RN, BSN
NC Jaycee Burn Center UNC Hospitals Chapel Hill, NC

On Thursday, May 6th, 2010, both Battalions of the CHS Fire Academy were visited by Mr. Derek Miller, a Nurse from the NC Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill, NC.
The focus of Mr. Miller's program was what we as Firefighters need to know about Burn Injuries to our patients, to ourselves, and the nature of Burns and their treatment protocols, The ABC's of Burn Treatment as well as the D, E, and F, and about the tremendous impact and toll that recovering from burns places on the imdividual. The recruits were treated as if they were EMT's receiving detailed instruction on Burns and burn treatment almost as if they were getting ready to be assigned a truck (EMS Unit) tomorrow and begin work. Extremely valuable instruction that showed that Firefighters are not immune from these injuries.
Mr. Derek Miller is a very close personal friend of Chief Barlow's and has traveled all over the North American Continent with him. Mr. Miller was also one of the individuals that assisted by providing support for Chief Barlow's End to End Backpacking Trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall of 2008.

Click HERE to read a bit more about this amazing individual or HERE to read Chief Barlow's Backpacking The Blue Ridge Parkway Blog.

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